Top Ten Most Popular Fast Food Meals / Dishes 2015


Fast food is a term given to that food items which are prepared and served efficiently. In Pakistan, fast food meals are normally sold in Food Carts in Villages, Towns and Cities. The food is prepared in less time and tastes very good. The fast food sector is tremendously increasing in Pakistan due to change in lifestyles of people. In our busy lives, we prefer to eat delicious and easy looked food. A variety of fast food items is available, which are good in taste and smell great. Here comes the list of top ten most popular fast food meals which are junk and yummy:

1) Pizza:
The most commonly used fast food meal at every house is Pizza. Either baked at home or ordered, people are crazy for it. It comes in different sizes and flavors.

2) Sandwiches:
It is a very popular dish which is available at every fast food restaurant in Pakistan, canteens or coffee shops. A variety of sandwiches can be made which are easy and light in nature.

3) Shawarma:
A dish that is common in both urban and rural areas now days. It is normally made of chicken and vegetables like cucumber and onion. It tastes excellent and it is very easy to make.

4) Chicken Nuggets:
It is the food for kids and young generation. Children love to eat it, as it is less spicy and light. A number of companies are providing frozen nuggets which are half cooked, only you have to fry it for 2 – 3 minutes, and it is ready.

5) French Fries:
No meal is complete without French fries. There are thin potato slices and served with almost very fast food meal. It tastes is mouth watering and one can’t resist it.

6) Kabab:
Another popular fast food dish is Kababs, which comes in variety of range. Whether it’s a tea party or a breakfast, lunch for kids or dinner, Kababs rule over.

7) Dahi Bhalay:
A traditional item which is loved by all Pakistanis is the tasty “Dahi Bhalas”. Hundred of food carts are selling “BHALAS” which are part of our lives.

8) Chana Chat:
It is a mixture of chickpeas and potatoes, with spicy sauces in it. It is one of the favorite fast food items loved by girls especially all over the Pakistan.

9) Burgers:
Who don’t like burgers? It is an item loved and created by everyone. Different forms of burgers are available in the food market today.

10) Chinese Soup:
Soups are famous all over because of its aroma and light nature. People of Pakistan are really in love to have soups as a starter in every party or especially in chilled winters.

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