Top Ten Most Popular Pakistani Meals / Dishes 2015

Chicken Biryani

Pakistan is an agricultural country, having abundance of fruits, vegetables, lentils, flour or wheat, etc, all these are basis of Pakistani cuisine. Food is on top, whatever the event is, Pakistani food is famous worldwide as it’s not only different in taste, but in color and smell as well. Huge variety of meals are popular in Pakistan. Few are selected here:

1. Biryani / Pulao:
No feast is complete without traditional rice in Pakistan. This rice is combination of meat, vegetables and spices. Lots of variety is available with different methods and tastes.

2. Tikka / Sajji:
It is famous all over for its delicious and unique taste. No wedding is complete without traditional BBQ Tikka piece.

3. Haleem and Hareesa:
This food is a mixture of lentils, meat and rice, which gives an amazing taste. It is delicious when served with hot Nan and Lemon.

4. Halwa Puri:
It is special breakfast famous all over Pakistan. It was originated from Punjab. It has variety of color, as the Halwa is yellow, gravy of chickpeas is brown and Puri (made from flour) is white.

5. Nihari:
A form of thick and delicious gravy which is made from meat. Flavor is really exceptional which make it a part of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

6. Qorma:
Traditional meat gravy, with enhancing smell and appealing color, is a part of Pakistani meal. It is one of the favorite dishes, which is served with Nan or Rice.

7. Kababs:
Different varieties of Kababs are available in Pakistani cuisine. Seekh Kababs, Shami Kababs, Gola Kababs, Kafta Kababs, etc. therefore a big variety is present.

8. Qeema:
Keema is a part of regular grocery item as a number of different items are made from this. Simple Keema is widely known all over because of its unique and delicious taste.

9. Kheer:
It is a form of dessert, which is famous all over the country. In any gathering, this sweet item is preferable over others. It is a healthy dish which is made of milk, boiled rice and sugar.

10. Fried Fish:
It is one of the favorite Sea food of all people in Pakistan especially in winter. Cold winter, music, Bon fire and fish are one of the favorite combinations of youth gatherings. Winters are incomplete without fried fish in your meals.

A huge variety of dishes are liked and eaten by the people of Pakistan, which are traditional and haven’t lost its value until now.

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